Course Category: Expression

Performers in Process Talks

The Performers in Process talks began in April 2021, featuring some of the talented members of Ranya's coaching programs, in live interviews in the Ginger City Community Facebook group. With the permission of the artists, we present the talks here on the site as well. Thanks to all the performers for sharing their process!

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Work the Stage

Learn powerful techniques to WORK THE STAGE, no matter what kind of stage you are performing on (even, in the Covid era - online!). Putting your attention towards your use of the space, awareness of body line, and how to manage the invisible lines of energy between you and your audience... you'll learn practical tools for creating floor patterns and choreography, as well as how to set your piece with a connection to the audience (and to the band if you are working with live musicians). I will break down how you can change the way you set your piece appropriately for theater stage (raised or not raised), or restaurant/club, or even less formal settings.

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