Baladi bonus – thank you!

Thank you so much for your testimonials!!  
If you want to add any comments, you can always go back and record some more at this link. I really appreciate it!

And... in appreciation of your time on this, I want to share with you some of the delightful baladi videos I found in the process of running and researching for the Baladi Challenge (August 2020). You may have seen some of these before but I wanted to share just in case!

Part of the Challenge involved finding videos that were maybe excluded from English (or other Roman alphabet) search results because most of the text was in Arabic. Learning to read and search in Arabic can unearth a lot of interesting treasures 🙂

Just when I thought I'd seen most of the main Fifi Abdou videos, there are more out there!!!   (These are all on Youtube, so if you notice any of them becoming "dead links," please let me know at


Relatively recent Fifi Abdou doing baladi in white galabiyya (short video - like a chunk of rehearsal, it seems):

...looks like she is negotiating the performance between "natural" and "performer" too in this informal setting, more so than in formal performance when she can put on her full stage persona...

This one is also recent and is more of a baladi performance... interesting to compare to the previous one.

Fifi is always one to watch!

I also couldn't resist sharing this lovely video from farther back in time... it's not baladi like the others but her baladi roots shine through, and it's just really nice and fun dancing! 

Thanks again 🙂    Hope to see you in another program soon! - Ranya

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