Program Overview:

The strangeness of the Covid era has changed the definition of performance, and heightened the distinction between on and offstage in the digital age. 

In this program, we'll be addressing ways to feel safer "putting yourself out there"... whether it's in front of a camera (recording or for livestream) or in any in-person performance situation, no matter the setting. I'll be leading candid discussion of what it means to be "onstage" and how to deal with the obstacles that come up, so you can get into your "zone" reliably. 

Can you show up and perform even when stressed or preoccupied? This program will give you tools to do that.

- Meditation and mindfulness practice
for "real-life" and onstage applications
- Visualizations and breathwork
to create a feeling of protection and agency for yourself in performance
- Building confidence
with the tricky transition from offstage to onstage
- Development of routines and practice to improve your focus for performance
- Accountability tools and buddies
to develop practice habits together during the program... and after...