Baladi Coaching Series

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In BALADI COACHING SERIES you'll get accountability and support as you focus in on...

  • Keeping it simple... while still being interesting
  • Appreciating yourself so you'll never be bored (...and neither will the audience!)
  • Increasing your baladi knowledge and your bravery in using it, so you can stop apologizing for not being "enough"
  • Taking a music-centered approach to your dance movement selections, even on the spot: we'll cover traditional movements and steps, and get them ingrained in your body, to eliminate wasted time "thinking" about what you should be doing, and develop the reflexes to do it.

  • You'll receive technique feedback that is personalized and specific for you (yes, YOU! and super specific!), to help you highlight your strengths, build greater physical stability, look better and feel better. This is available to everyone who submits videos during the series.
  • If you are a teacher, you'll get a ton of inspiration you can apply to your own classes, with fresh ideas on teaching this material. Participants in the full program (parts 1&2) who are teachers will also have the option to join the baladi teacher training group and develop their own baladi lessons as part of the series.

By the end of the BCS program, you will have:

  • strong concept of Egyptian baladi for dancing and teaching
  • recognition of which steps and movements traditionally go with which sections of music and rhythm in baladi
  • better understanding of the stylistic differences between home-style baladi, stage-style baladi, masculine vs. feminine baladi, and classic/traditional vs. modern baladi
  • greater self-confidence in dancing the baladi
  • a better understanding of the national, social, economic, and musical roots of baladi, including why there seem to be so many ways of dancing it, even among Egyptian teachers
  • a sense of self-ownership in the baladi ...even if you did not grow up with Egyptian music!
  • detailed feedback and greater self-understanding to bring out your own "special sauce" in your dance performance (applicable to baladi as well as other styles!)

START PREPARING for the Baladi Coaching Series by getting immediate access to Baladi Building Blocks, the prerequisite program for BCS. Because we go deep in BCS, the grounding you get in BBB also goes deep. It will change the way you look at the learning process for this style of dance. You'll be better able to break through your own baladi blocks, as a non-Egyptian dancer seeking to build deeper confidence and greater authenticity in this form.

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